2012 Skwal USA Demo Tour

Pre-Event Local Promotion

Maximum Impact, minimum real estate. The in-Store POP System is designed to introduce the brand to the public and display the demo skis and binding prominently in the retail space

Pre-Event Online Social Marketing Exposure

We are developing quite a following – All events will be promo’d via Facebook, Twitter, Tumbr etc before the event.

Pre-Event location Website Promo

Demo Tour Stops will be added to our Events Calendar & we’ll post partner and retailer logos, store location info well in advance of each event.

Customers can schedule Demos Online and In Person

Those interested in Demoing can call & reserve a slot via our website. Riders with a reserved time will be given first priority. First come first serve after that.

Tent/Parking Lot Setup with Refreshments

Tent & Truck Setup on location, we will have free give aways, refreshments and music…¬†Nothing¬†attracts¬†a crowd like a crowd!

Free Skwal USA Swag

Swag Swag Swag… Who doesn’t want a free T-Shirt?

Give Away Drawings

We Love to give stuff away, The more Skwals on the slopes the better. For that reason, Drawings and giveaways happen all the time.

Leave behind Promo Items

We’ll leave you with some promo items, Hats, shirts,¬†Sticker¬†etc to keep around the shop (Christmas shopping for next year just got easier!!)

Contact Us for further details.

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